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I been dealing with this new 2016 THOR issues and since only service to find after 48 hours new ownership, no dealership would help. The customer service at THOR in Warkarussa IN took my problems and claimed would fox and reimburse me for my gas,tolls and that's it. Well I drove over 1200 miles from home to that state Aug 23 my appointment and didn't get done until Aug 30, then not finished 100%. Meanwhile, I followed up will customer service on my reimbursement sent my receipts and zero to date, Oct 31. THOR cost me time and now money, on a new RV. Why does THOR deceit customers and push vehicles unsafe to travel these highways and depend on dealerships to incur cost to do what their inspectors internal quality control, not pass on to money hungry dealerships do nothing and these costly unfinished RVs are now in the consumers life. This is unethical and ought to be caught by the states watch keeper often known as customers affairs or states manufactured homes association. This high cost vehicle is poorly constructed and does THOR care? No, when sales do diminish maybe they will start reading these complaints comments and do something with their productions. I am seeking legal advice and hope my situation gets resolution and at least prevents other families dreams from taking a beating both time and money from their lives. Shower stall still not fixed properly as documented see the corner of exposure wood that gets wet from the shower running down walls. That's not all, the insecure mud flaps n metal support rod in front dual rear wheels rod breaks loose beats against flap, tires to the mud flap is shredding. Oh not to mention the heat pads over holding plastic water tanks, dragging behind and was informed to purchased dealership before drove this NEW RV 350 miles from that dealer lot was dragged,I cut the electric line and threw pad into RV. Mud flap rod dangling as beating against dual tires still since factory service not fixed, this makes 3 failed attempts by THOR to remedy. Shower issue since day one leaking cab overhead so bad rotten wood has to rebuild. Remember this a brand new 2016

Product or Service Mentioned: Thor Motor Coach Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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I so agree that the Thor motorhome is more than just an inferior quality and workmanship. No one wants to repair things, even with an extended warranty.

Can't say enough bad about the problems that plague us on each outing.

DO NOT BUY A Thor product. Ours is a 2016 A.C.E..