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So I posted pictures of our coach on here recently and the damage has only gotten worse after seeing how Thor dismantled our unit without our knowledge despite me asking to be present when their folks where there to do an inspection...not a disassemble job. I have continued to look into what can be done from a legal standpoint.

Since I work in the legal field, I've been asking attorneys I know what can be done since it has now become obvious that THOR has major issues with their units and are very well aware of it. Thor said they need to take my rig back to the plant in Indiana. Mind you, I am in Florida and the laws are different, but what I know is most of our paperwork contains language that does not benefit the consumer. You know, remember when you signed that loooooong document that was probably greater in length than Santa's Christmas list.

Well that very paper work that no one ever explains, and consumers rarely reads in the quick "sign-here" deal being made, may force some into mediation and arbitration. I was just as naive and did not know what I was signing. The finance office just had everything highlighted and said sign here, sign here. I am not sure if the language will fly given some of the cases that have come out recently to the contrary.

So, who out there would be interested in either a lemon law or class-action law suit. If you have damages and wondered what if anything can be done, I do too! I am not going to accept Thor's customer service rep's telling me that my unit depreciates once I drive it off the lot and that's my problem. Our rig is depreciated by virtue of the horrific engineering and quality control.

We bought our coach as a future retirement RV but it seems that will never happen. We are crushed beyond words and as this website's name ~ we are the Pissed Consumer! I hope for our sake and every pissed Thor owner we can make them change the product they are putting on the road. We have lost our butt's on this deal and the prior Thor Fourwinds we bought and we want to make sure this does not continue.

I made a post on another site and the Admin removed my post. I am assuming they're in bed with Thor so to speak but who cares. This Pissed Consumer will not stand down! Feel free to send me your contact info at AngryOwner@yahoo.com if you're interested.

I really would like my attorneys to know this is bigger than just my story and our coach. I can't make any promises, but damn if I don't try to get the word out there that Thor is crap!

I am crushed beyond words that we have to from a Plan B for our retirement dreams; and it seems it will not have a coach in that plan. :'(

Product or Service Mentioned: Thor Motor Coach Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $130000.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

Thor Motor Coach Pros: How awesome it looked at first.

Thor Motor Coach Cons: How horrible the quality is on these units, Poor quality.

  • Thor Class A Motorhome
  • Thor Poor Workmanship
  • Thor Class A Miramar 34 2
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I have had many issues with my 2019 and they are the worst to deal with, and ready to file a suit. Just say the word!


Sorry *** company does not stand behind their products


We purchased our new Thor Palazzo Motor Coach in May 2019. The following is a list of issues we have discovered thus far.

We have 3,579 miles on it. Not many when you consider the majority of the miles are from being driven from Indiana to the dealership in Texas, and my husband driving from the dealership in Texas to Idaho. 1. We have extensive damage relating to the woodwork and cabinets.

We have deep gouges and scratches throughout the coach, as well as actual splits in the cabinets. Some apparent poor attempt has been made to repair some areas. The RV dealership Thor told us to take it to took more than 50 pictures of the damage and forwarded them to Thor. We were told by the service manager "the only way to repair all of the damage is to take it back to the factory." WE PURCHASED THIS COACH NEW, NOT USED, NOR AT A SCRATCH AND DENT SALE.

2. Issues with the vinyl flooring. Screws coming up through the floor. Dents in floor.

3. Both drain pipes under kitchen sink literally fell apart. Thor authorized repair of the pipes. We drove the motor home about 25 miles only to find yet another one of the pipes has broken.

4. We have an intermittant heavy musty odor in the kitchen and main living area of the coach. Clearly water is penetrating the coach somewhere when it rains. 5.

You can see daylight in two areas of the coach in the bedroom between the walls and floor. 6. The shelf in the large bedroom closet collapsed. The rod literally fell down with nothing on it.

The shelf appears to have been put together with tiny little staples and screws that are too short. 7. Electrical issues: Washer and dryer stop working mid cycle. GFI outlets in kitchen and bathroom cut out frequently.

8. No caulking in shower. Faucet in shower continues to leak. 9.

Theater chair handle literally came off in my hand. 10. Toilet was not seated properly. Sits crooked.

11. Toilet tissue holder placed partially behind toilet. 12. The divider wall between the bedroom and the main wall has literally collapsed away from the ceiling.

Unable to open the door. This happened in the middle of the night. The entire track has pulled away from the ceiling. I have taken pictures.

I'm not sure how to post them here. 13. Numerous screens not fully attached at the bottom. 14.

Armrests on the drivers seat and passenger seats sit at two different heights. 15. Front dryer panel has large scratch across the top. Dealership placed the order for replacement parts, Thor did not ship the part.

Coach at dealership for four weeks. 16. Refrigerator door has a dent. Same as above.

Thor didn't ship the replacement parts within the month it was at the dealership. 17. Issues with wall covering. The list goes on and on.

We have spoken to at least four service reps. While everyone is pleasant enough, the end result is the same. Say they will call you back, never do. At the time we were considering purchasing our coach, we convinced our niece and her husband to purchase a Thor as well.

BIG MISTAKE. They have had similar issues with Thor. Thor is DEFINITELY NOT the company we thought they were. They get your money, THEN YOU ARE ON YOUR OWN!!!

When I called yesterday to speak to a customer service rep, I was told I could take the coach 50 miles away. I checked on line, and the reviews were so bad we simply will not go to either. We are retired folks who thought we would purchase a motor coach and enjoy traveling around seeing the country. WRONG.

Owning this 2019 new Thor Palazzo Motor Coach has been nothing less than a nightmare. THOR NEEDS TO DO MORE TO HELP THEIR CUSTOMERS WHO PUT THEIR TRUST AND FAITH IN THEM. We will NEVER refer our friends and family to Thor ever again. Be wary folks if you are considering purchasing from Thor.

A company is only as good as the product they produce, and the customer service who represents them. Thor PLEASE stand behind your product. Treat your customers with the respect they deserve. I do not know if the folks who head the company are ever made aware of the customers complaints and issues.

If they are and do nothing, shame on them. We too would love to learn more about the potential class action against lawsuit against Thor.


we are having the same issues with a 2019 thor palazzo we bought new and they want us to to take it back to the factory also ...


I would love to learn more about a potential class action lawsuit against Thor. I just purchased (3 weeks ago) a 2020 Palazzo 36.3 and have unbelievable problems … it needs a new roof, there is something in the wall that is loose and keeps banging around, needs an alignment, the pressure regulator on the propane tank broke leaking my propane into the air....this list goes on and on … 25 issues after just 3 weeks of *** ownership.


I wish to join. I have a 2016 Chateau.

The major issues I have had is, The large window behind the driver leaked water from rain. This was discovered a year or so after purchased. I had photos taken showing that the window install as bad, the foam gasket they use is not the best product to use for sealing, well, cost of repair was at $4,000.00, Thor said, 90 days is a window warranty. 2016 with 7000 miles and the seats are now flaking.

This is the driver and passenger seats along with all other seating cushions I have been told this is industry wide, So What. I called Thor, out of warranty and he admitted they know it is a problem and since now use another product. Last week I replaced the circuit board in the coach for the 12 volt system because lights kept flickering, working and not working, very spuratic. Under warranty the kitchen sink water lines leaked, we were told when it was built they were attached incorrectly, they also had to replace cabinetry due to water damage.

I had to replace the bathroom sink basin due to crack at base. There is more. Before we drove it off the lot, the salesman was honest. He did advise to take it out, write all the issues done and they would fix it.

They did, the list was around 30 items.

We did purchase at Camping World and I would buy from the same salesman again, he did warn us, and we still bought. Cant fix stupid, right?


I purchased a 2018 Chateau 31w and it’s been in service 4 times and months at a time. Generator won’t stay running, fridge/freezer won’t get cold after last visit to service department, shower still leaking, electrical issues, wood in walls rotted, floor buckling, and on and on. Now they say it’s not covered under warranty


I would love to join the class action. We bought 2018 Freedom Tralver and it has been in the repair shop more than we have used it. Spent $7000 just to make it driveable.


Would love to join lawsuit. My paint job went to crap in 1 year.

Its now 5 years old and looks 20 years old.

Have seen others the same year with the same problem. Like rust coming through the wall.


Please email me your information. I am preparing a class action lawsuit to be filed in the State of West Virginia


we would like to be included in the class action




I would like to join the class action. Bought brand new and side walls are buckling.

Areas where the silicone wasn't installed (not the easiest to see because of course they used CLEAR silicone. Over $3,500 in damage to repair, Thor responded to me that it is the dealer's fault for not selling it quicker! I asked him why they would choose a shoddy dealer to sell their new product there was complete silence.

I had no idea you could produce something so poorly in the USA and get away with it. These folks need the biggest class action possible to give them pause rather than just running over folks who bought a product expecting it to actually function more than six months.


Please email me your information. I am preparing a class action lawsuit to be filed in the State of West Virginia


Not sure how to email you. My email is bkwwilliamson@yahoo.com. Thanks!


I would like to participate in a class action suit against Thor. I bought a 2018 Quantum WS31 and have had nothing but trouble with a leaking shower that seems impossible to fix.

The water damage is ruining the woodwork now under the fridge, discoloring the finish.

I’ve had the coach back to Camping world 4x for this reason and it still leaks. I would to see the manufacturer put out of business, they do not have any quality control.


I too bought a 2015 Thor Windsport 34E. I have had trouble with the bathroom stools not stopping the water after flushing and flooded my unit, shower leaking, electrical boxes breaking, fabric on furniture is flaking off, generator has quite, seals on the slideout falling off .

Talked to Thor and all they say is sorry. I feel as if Thor has zero quality control of the product the goes out of the factory.


I purchased a 2018 Thor 4 winds 31w. It had so many quality issues that I had to take it straight from the sales side to the repair side of camping world.

It has been back to the shop after each camping trip. It’s very hard for me to believe Thor is still in business.

@Dean A from SW florida

We had similar problems, new to rv, bought a brand new Thor Vegas and it was back and forth for repairs for the first 6 months. Constant battle with dealership and Thor to fix things. I can see why their stock is falling.


These are all common flaws with Thor Rv’s. and Thor knows all about them.

They don’t care at all about the consumer nor do the dealers who sell these junk piles. The dealer is just as much to blame! They sell this *** knowing full well Thor coaches are a safety hazard and constructed by inferior technicians and products. The techs at the dealers must have worked at Thor because they aren’t capable of fixing or repairing the coaches either.

My coach was purchased last Feb. 2018 new! It is still in the shop as of Feb. 4, 2019.

My warranty is up in another week or two! They are fixing things over and over.