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I would like to do a class action suite against Thor manufacturing! I have contacted a lawyer in Texas where we purchased this dangerous lemon back in April of 2017.

We have only been able to take it out 1 time since we bought it and it is still is in the dealership getting fixed! It was a mistake from the beginning when we bought it. Before we got it home to New Mexico from Texas where we bought it, we almost died! If we had not brought our chemical alert dog with us we surely would have died.

We tried to use the heater to heat the coach, but our Alert dog kept barking and shaking alarmingly. Finally the gas buzzer went off, but my husband thought that the dealership and the manufacturer had not done the burn, so he wanted to keep it on and open the windows. There was a burning smell! I argued that the dog knew better because he saved a hotel from high clor.

poison one year. He finally shut it off because the dog would not shut up! Thank God! We also had trouble booting the big slide over the couch and table area out.

It would not boot out very far and when we tried to boot it back in it stopped. We had to call for help and pay for it to be booted back in! When we took it to a dealership here in town, they tried to do the burn and found the floor lifting ready to explode! They told us if we had not shut it off right away we would had died as it would have exploded!

They found out that the dealer in Texas and the Thor manufacturer had not capped the pipes going under the floor carrying the gasses! We would have died if we had not brought the chemical alert dog with us! Criminal negligence for sure!!!!!!! Also when we finally got to take it out camping, right off the bat we could not use the propane!

The front burner threw a huge flame while I was cooking, and I shut it off. After that only one burner out of 3 would work, so we went to Wal- mart and bought electric burners. I woke up one morning and smelled propane so I went out side and the propane smell was everywhere. I ran over and shut the propane tank off as fast as I could.

If anyone had lit a match, the whole thing would have gone up in smoke! We had multiple problems come up on our one and only trip in this dangerous lemon. Oh, by the way, The slide motor was put in backwards and the rubber sealers were all shredded we found out later too. This means water probably got in long before we bought this 2017 piece of junk.

Screws missing, Jacks screwed up, awning not working right all the time, The back ladder missing screws and not screwed all the way in. Pantry drawer missing screws and unable to use whole trip, cushions not attached and falling, Wood decoration over the couch and table came loose and hit me in the head! It was not screwed in correctly and missing screws! Water gutters warped letting water run down over bedroom window.

Locked in and out of the coach many times because the dealership switched the lock for another one because they lost the original keys! We did not give them the permission to change the lock either. We had to call a locksmith to help us get back into the coach while on our one and only camping trip in a year since we bought it. The ice maker would not work because they forgot to hook it up!

Panels kept falling off in the master bedroom because screws were missing and misaligned. I forgot to mention about the gassing up problem. We had problems when we first had to gas up at a diesel pumping station. The gas kept backing out of the tank and the pump would keep shutting off!

The man who helped with the awning back in Amarillo as we were going home to New Mexico after purchasing this lemon in Texas, Also found out the gas problem. He saw that the hose was too long going into the tank and was buckling up causing the gas to roll back out. He uses some straps to shorten it so we could gas up and take it to a dealership to be fixed. We should have driven it right back to dealership, but we were still in love with this coach.

UGH! Also there are dents that pop up all the time on the roof edges that have already been fixed once before. Poor structure manufacturing for sure! The jacks kept coming on every time we started the motorhome.

We found out later that the panel was bad and they ordered a new one. We found drawer handles missing, window handles missing, screens not put on or screwed on correctly. We had problems again on our trip with the couch and table slide. We found rubber sealers not in place correctly also.

On and On and On! And now they have a recall on the fire extinguisher that we would have had to try to use in the propane problems. The recall says that if used it could cause injury or death! This coach is nothing but a death trap!

If anyone wants to join us in a class action case let me know. If not, We will sue any way.

By the way, It is a Thor Chateau Super C 550 diesel. Type your message here

Product or Service Mentioned: Thor Motor Coach Rv.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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There has got to be a way to dispute the language in the contracts that we are all being "taken by". We all need to not only sue but take this to the national news level .

Thor needs to be exposed for the Horrible Company that they are. If you got to Thor Industries they claim to have had the highest 3rd Quarter in company history with an 11.7% increase to bring them to 2.25 BILLION. They need to be stopped.

Our email is We are definitely interested in a class action suit.


I have a 15 Super C that has been nothing but trouble,jacks 7 times,water leaks,cab came loose from upper bunk area while driving and water leaked into cab,steps,window shades,all lower compartments leaked.8000 MILES


I’ve tried to look into it but the language in the contracts is preventing a Class Action suit and I work for lawyers. Still trying to find a way to get my issues resolved.

@Melissa Robidoux

Hi Melissa, Please see our comment above and please do make contact with us as we are interested in taking part in a class action suit.

@Melissa Robidoux

It is against public policy to prevent someone from participating in a Class Action Suit. If your attorney will not or cannot take action, find another attorney.

Each attorney has their specific field of expertise. Just as you would not hire a divorce attorney in a lawsuit against a mega company, you need to find a high powered attorney who deals in such issues as Thor presents. Also, there are many owners of Thor products who are interested in "Lemon Lawsuits" against Thor and their dealers.

Just keep up the posts, everywhere, while you continue a search for a competent attorney. Good Luck.