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Just had a mobile repair company here to see why it was dead and stuck on its jacks. It needed all new batteries and a transfer switch.

Camping World said we were out of warranty and of course Thor does not care.

We have only had the unit a little over a year of which it spent about 8 months in the shop being repaired. It just cost us $1420.28!

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We purchased our Thor Palazzo 33.4 Motorhome on November29, 2016 from Camping World in Pooler GA. Right from the start it was a bad unit, but we had driven ten hours from SW Florida with our trade (which was a 2015 Itasca Spirit in perfect condition with 7,000 miles).

We had decided we wanted a diesel pusher and made the deal over the phone. The salesman assured us of its quality and said it was ready to go we could come get it, so we headed up. From the time we arrived at 9am until we left at 7 pm they were fixing problems. We left with promises from them that they would take care of everything.

We left and drove 5 hours and stopped for the night at that time there were more problems so in the morning we called them and wanted to bring it back, they said they wouldn’t take it back and again assured us they would fix it just bring it to our local Camping World. We even placed a call to Thor who also assured us they would have everything fixed. We drove it right to Camping World in Fort Myers, FL. It stayed there until February beside an overnight only to return it because things were never fixed.

We used it for the weekend in February and brought it right back. I called Thor and Camping World corporate weekly. As you can see by all the receipts and emails it had too many problems and should never have been sold. After the fact we have heard from so many people how bad Thor’s quality has gotten over the last few years, they just pump out their products with out any quality.

I wish we would have bought a Tiffin and as soon as we are financially able we will get rid of this one and buy a Tiffin, we have heard nothing but good things about the company and their kind, caring customer service. In May of 2017 I filed a complaint wit the BBB, I instantly received a call from Thor consumer affairs rep Mike Bukowski, I told him of my problems and that I would be telling anyone I could of Thor’s inferior product. Of course, he didn’t want me to do that and said he would make sure everything was fixed and he would also extend my warranty and we would be compensated for our losses of paying for the unit while it was unusable. (It still has things wrong with it.

Right now it is stuck on the jacks in our yard because the batteries are no good and a relay is bad we had a mobile RV repair service come look at it because it is unmovable, Camping World says its out of warranty and we are on our own). In October I called Mr Bukowski and emailed him and his answer was he had a meeting today where he would discuss it and het back to me. I did not here back from and again reached out to him his response by email was he could not prove that my unit was out of service for the length of time I said. At that time I called Camping World and had all the receipts sent to me which I sent to him.

On November 8th, 2017 he emailed me again saying he could verify the unit was out of service for any extended time and I would need to send the invoice or bank statements to be reimbursed. I sent all the Camping World invoices again and my loan payment stubs and did not here from him again. I emailed him on December 12, 2017 and he said he hadn’t forgotten and would get back to me soon. Again, no return call.

I emailed him again in January, his response was that they regret to inform me that there would be no reimbursement for the “alleged” time my unit was out of service and they would extend a limited warranty for six months. Well of course my unit is out of warranty and there are still problems not resolved and it is basically a $200,000 piece of junk made without care for the consumer. I have refiled my complaint with BBB but that does not help me with my unit. The dates on the camping world invoices show how long it was there and it even went to NorthTrail RV for the freight liner chassis and was there for a few weeks.

Anyone I have talked to that has bought a Thor RV or a RV from Camping World or both has a horror story about them.

If they are not held accountable for the poor-quality units and customer service there will be no change. We want other people to know buyer beware when it comes to Thor and Camping World.

Product or Service Mentioned: 2016 Thor Motor Coach Palazzo Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $190000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Thor Motor Coach Cons: Poor quality and poor customer service.

Location: 601 E Beardsley Ave, Elkhart, IN 46514, USA

Thor Motor Coach - Do Not Purchase a Thor!
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Sounds about par for the course with Thor. I was lucky and pissed enough people off, I was passed on to a woman who used to work there, that actually cared some. She is now gone and Thor is a joke to try to deal with in regards to their very very short warranty


Completely agree.


Lemon Law does not apply in this situation. The only complaint I heard was related to her batteries.

It sounds like she needs new deep cycle batteries. Funny that she never said she had any issues when hooked up to shore power, or running the generator. Another typical "I want an RV but I know nothing about performing maintenance" This is a house on wheels lady, it is going to need a TON of maintenance. No one wants to hear what you financed the RV for, (probably a 20 yr loan, WOW!!), or what your insurance premiums are....

You had no issues with it when you singed the dotted line. Sounds like a classic case of buyers remorse.....


It is stored in a garage and hooked to shore power this is not our first motor home and my husband is very knowledgeable about how to maintain a motor home. If you listened to what I said it is on its third set of deep cycle batteries in two years and only one of the many problems that is just the latest.

I guess you do not know much about the expected life of a battery. There is buyers remorse for buying a Thor


RE: BATTERIES Employee of a national auto parts independent franchise...See lots of motorhome/rv batteries from all brands, traced back to being "cooked" (overcharged) by the onboard inverter/charger being hooked up to shore power for extended periods of time. See a few that are opposite too, stored without use with a small system draw, such as a stereo, control or status panel, fridge left on 12 volt, etc.

Have helped several isolate their batteries and/or install an automotive battery maintainer. Absolute best deep cycle system is by using 2 (or 4) 6 volt golf cart batteries wired for 12 volt.


what a horrible thing to say. they obviously had problems other than the batteries.


Lemon law the Thor motor home!


Thank You for sharing this information as I was going to buy a Thor but not now.


Good decision, you wont regret it. Two years later and still no resolution.


Me too, not now, thanks!!!!


Don't buy from Camping World of Mesa AZ either. Poor service for repairs of our Pallazzo means that it has spent more time at Camping World awaiting repairs that we have been able to camp with it. Bed slide, windows, Rear bedroom slide on and on....No Pallazzos, no camping world....


I live in Indiana, and the Attorney General doesn't seem to care about protecting us from these people. He's probably busy suing Trump over his immigration policy.

In the meanwhile, Hoosiers are stuck with this garbage, and a state business of which we can't be proud.I shudder to think how near I came to buying a Thor Compass. Much as I loved it, my husband and I had already decided - whatever we bought, NOTHING WITH A SLIDE. Which cuts out about 99% of all RVs. Instead we bought a Chevy Suburban and an Airstream, and though the cost hurt, we have no regrets.

And no maintenance problems, except a few with the Chevy.It makes me shudder, as well, to think that the miserable Thor company now owns Airstream. They own everything - all they seem interested in is acquiring more RV companies to run into the ground.

Thor claims they'll leave Airstream alone, to do things as they've always done them. Of course, being such liars, I fail to see why this statement should make me feel any better.


We are going through *** also with our LEMON Palazzo! Thor is horrible everyone should Boycott and file a complaint with the Indiana Attorney General!

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