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The workmanship is awful. We have had issues from one end to the other.

Overhead netting pulled out of the ceiling several warped doors, drawers that won't stay closed. The whole drawer unit under the stove fell off and dumped everything behind the cabinets. Several water leaks, the toilet overflowed in the middle of the night. Finding screws everywhere and loose one all over.

On demand hot water tank is to small and won't stay set. Lights dim when I start my generator. Several screens are already broken as well as the blinds. There are just to many issues to list them all.

One thing that really concerns me is how low the leveling jack are to the ground. You can't even cross a small speed bump without them dragging the ground. the camera system has been out off and on ever since we got it. Had a propane leak as soon as we got it on the heater leaking into the cabin.

The dealership I bought it from has been good about fixing things but it usually takes a couple weeks to get it in and to get it back. Love the motorhome but HATE the workmanship and quality!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Thor Industries Rv.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

Monetary Loss: $85000.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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We can always hope that the Japanese will begin to build motor homes. Perhaps then there will be some quality. Afraid the American worker is too lazy (or stoned on *** to care about doing a good job.


David Ashley 1 min · As far as your tankless hot water heater goes, we had the same problem on our 2018 Eagle. We worked with Girard on this issue and found that it was not getting enough flow through it.

RV's are designed to conserve water, unfortunately the tankless system needs more flow. We had to remove the restricters from the faucets. Now it works great.

As far as the rest of the quality issues, I agree that these units are junk. We have 3 pages of problems that we have been fighting with Jayco to get repaired to no avail.

Thor Motor Coach Response

Thank you for sharing this experience. Our Customer Support team can be reached directly at 877-855-2867 (Mon-Thurs 8-5 and Fri.

8-4) or you can email me at TMCTeam@tmcrv.com. You can also private message me the last 8 of your VIN, Phone number and Email, and I will have one of our Customer Support team members contact you.

to Thor Motor Coach Response #1606532

I currently have the motorhome in the shop where we bought it to have these issues looke at and to repair and replace some of the things I had it in earlier for. I'm still very dissappointed in the workmenship.

My family are new to the RV world and were expecting to have a lot of adventures with this MH. Unfortunatlly everytime we go somewhere it it we find more things wrong or broken. I'm pretty handy and don't midn fixing a few minor things but I didn't expect for it ot turn into a full time job after paying $85,000 for it. We love the MH, that's why we chose yours is because if offered most everythig we wanted.

It has spent probably 1/3 of the time we've owned it at the dealership. Feels like we should be getting paid for all the time we haven't had it to use.

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