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My unit is currently in for service for a water leak for a 2nd time. I originally took it to Camping World in Grain Valley, which is where we purchased the unit Aug 2018.

They told us the water leak was from the hot water tank, the fitting wasn't installed correctly during assembly). The water leak was so bad it damaged the furnace and had to be replaced. We were told everything was good and we picked the unit up. We tested the water to ensure it was fixed correctly and still had a leak.

We took it back to Camping World in Grain Valley and they had the unit for 2 weeks and "couldn't" duplicate the problem. I had video of the leak prior to taking it in. I inquired with Thor who could do warranty work, my unit was still under the 1 year warranty at this point. I pulled the unit from Camping World in Grain Valley and took it to my local repair shop.

They sent me photos of an obvious previous water leak. The fitting on the hot water tank had lots of residue of water leaking. I do not know if the fitting was loose and Camping World in Grain Valley tightened it to cover up their error or if something else happened. All I know is I had a significant leak and when I got the unit back, it wasn't leaking.

That being said, my local repair shop found the entire sub-floor of my unit has significant water damage, including the floor is beginning to delaminate, black mold has began, trim pieces and flooring have began to separate from the water saturation. Over the last 2 months I have been working with Nate on the warranty side with Thor. I have sent them all of the photos, videos, etc I have received from my local repair shop. Due to the fact the entire unit needs to be disassembled and reassembled to replace the subfloor, I have requested either an exact replacement (my unit has 6000 miles on it) or a full refund since my unit is so severely damaged.

It has been 2 weeks since I have sent all of that information to Thor and I still have not talked to anyone about how to move forward to resolve this matter. This is our first RV experience and so far this has been more living a nightmare than living the dream. I am not impressed with Camping World in Grain Valley or Thor Motor Coach. I do not recommend anyone to go to Camping World in Grain Valley to purchase or have their unit serviced!

Each time we had it in for service it was at 6-12 weeks for me to get my unit back, and when we got it back it was in worst shape than when we took it in.

The fact I am 2 months without my unit again, and I have been in contact with Thor directly, I wouldn't want to buy another Thor product, between the quality of their product and then the process to deal with any warranty work, I can't say I will buy another Thor product either. Has anyone else had an experience like this or am I the exception?

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $86000.

Preferred solution: The unit to be replaced with the same model and same year or newer or we would consider the unit to be returned for a full refund including the amount given for our trade in, admin fee, tax, and the amount we have paid in interest over the last year..

Thor Motor Coach Pros: Floor plan and cabinets.

Thor Motor Coach Cons: Product assembly, Quality and customer service, Customer service stand by your product.

  • Bunk House
  • Poor Quality
  • Thor Poor Workmanship
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The last of my VIN is JDC30791, you will be able to find my existing claim with that. I have been emailing Nate all of these issues, photos, etc.

I have stated my claim needed to be forwarded to management, yet I'm still receiving messages from Nate.

I will forward the emails I have received to right now. My phone number and email will be included on that email.


Thank you for sharing this experience. Our Customer Support team can be reached directly at 877-855-2867 (Mon-Thurs.8-5 and Fri.8-4) or you can email me at You can also message me the last 8 of your VIN, Phone number and Email, and I can then have a customer support team member contact you.