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Update by user Feb 06, 2018

Just had a mobile repair company here to see why it was dead and stuck on its jacks. It needed all new batteries and a transfer switch.

Camping World said we were out of warranty and of course Thor does not care. We have only had the unit a little over a year of which...

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Lemon Law does not apply in this situation. The only complaint I heard was related to her batteries.

It sounds like she needs new deep cycle batteries. Funny that she never said she had any issues when hooked up to shore power, or running the generator. Another typical "I want an RV but I know nothing about performing maintenance" This is a house on wheels lady, it is going to need a TON of maintenance. No one wants to hear what you financed the RV for, (probably a 20 yr loan, WOW!!), or what your insurance premiums are....

You had no issues with it when you singed the dotted line. Sounds like a classic case of buyers remorse.....

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2016 Thor Motor Coach Palazzo Rv
  • Poor quality and poor customer service
Reason of review
Bad quality
Preferred solution
Let the company propose a solution
  • Never Buy A Thor
I'm sorry but I have had enough! We bought a Thor 2016 palazzo July 13th 2016. It was suppose to be checked out before we took it or so they said. WRONG it rained guess what it rained in the front windshield all over everything. I know there has been a lot of rain...
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Stop your whining and hire a consumer rights attorney - if you feel there is a breach of warranty. Perhaps you're not familiar with Thor.

Thor has been doing very well, despite your gripes. Stockholders are not interested in QC - they are interested in profit. Have you seen the NYSE?

I bought a Thor 2017 Miramar 34.3 bunkhouse one in June 2016 and had an immeidate full slide issue. After 4 unsuccesfull fixes (last one in Indiana).

Hired an attorney and got their attention right away!

I revoked acceptance of our RV and left it at the dealer until they fixed it......

Unfortunately I am now over $12000 in attorneys fees - but will fight for my consumer rights. I hope you do the same....

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2016 Thor Motor Coach Palazzo Rv
Reason of review
Bad quality
Talk about a company with NO quality control! The following are issues from my maiden voyage in our new Palazzo. 1) Headlights work sparingly 2) When headlights or running lights are turned on, dash lights blink out of control 3) Generator periodically shuts off...
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Same with me-- however had steering gear pump out- windshield leaks- shower stall not caulked, clothing washer not hooked up to waste tank resulting in huge water leak- coach batteries blowing up spilling acid everywhere due to faulty charging system, main slide problems- not working- coming in crooked- warping flashing so that outside seal does not lay flat on side of motorhome--- and having the front bunk bed not raise due to the window valance not being mounted to wall so that bed hit wall and would not raise- Oh and forgot water maker in fridge leaking. Been in shop 3 months still don't have it back---

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2016 Thor Motor Coach Palazzo Rv
Reason of review
Bad quality

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